Preserving Agricultural Diversity

Since today’s industrial farms rely upon only a few specialized types of livestock, thousands of non-commercial animal breeds  have disappeared, along with the valuable genetic diversity they possessed. Here at the Old Crowe Farm we actively preserve agricultural variety and protect biodiversity by raising “heritage” animal breeds.

Quality breeding stock and feeder stock for sale year round

Quality pasture-raised American Guinea Hog breeding stock and feeder stock for sale year round featuring genetic stock from the West and East coasts.

These livestock breeds serve as an important genetic resource, and when heritage breeds become extinct, their unique genes are lost forever and can’t be used to breed new traits into existing livestock breeds. By raising heritage livestock breeds, we not only maintain variety within our livestock populations, we also help to preserve valuable traits within the species so that future breeds can endure harsh conditions.

Our Heritage Livestock

Livestock Guard Dogs

We also raise and sell registered purebred Maremma Sheepdogs livestock guardian dogs.  Here at the Old Crowe Farm, the Maremma is the only guardian dogs used for livestock protection.

Guinea Hog Mentoring Program

For those who have little to no experience with the American Guinea Hog, we offer a comprehensive one-on-one mentoring program here at the Old Crowe Farm.  Mentoring topics include:

  • breeding stock selection
  • feeding & watering
  • housing
  • breeding
  • weaning
  • fencing considerations
  • health management
  • parasite control
  • castration
  • dispatching & butchering.

Mentoring students are provided with on-farm overnight accommodations in our Bed & Breakfast (2 nights), as well as a complimentary breakfast for both mornings.  Lunch and dinner on the second day are also included.  Please contact us for more information.

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