3 week old Guinea Hog

Grazing Multipurpose Pig

Why the Guinea Hog?

At the Old Crowe Farm we chose to raise livestock from the The Livestock Conservancy’s (TLC) list of breeds needing our support to avoid being lost forever. We selected the American Guinea Hog since it was well suited to our climate and our pasture-based sustainable farm environment. We also wanted pigs with a docile and happy personality for our small farm and many visitors.

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A breed with unmatched temperament and flavor. The perfect homestead pig!

Genetic Value

Rare breed heritage farm animals are a valuable genetic resource, and, to maintain this resource, the animals must remain a part of the food chain. If the AGH is not valued as a food source, they will go extinct. We raise them to help preserve the breed by selling high quality breeding stock and to put excellent meat on our table and yours. Their unique combination of rare genetics and quality diet make for exquisite tasting pork.

Guinea Hog Mentoring Program

For those who have little to no experience with the American Guinea Hog, we offer a comprehensive one-on-one mentoring program here at the Old Crowe Farm.  Mentoring topics include:

  • breeding stock selection
  • feeding & watering
  • housing
  • breeding
  • weaning
  • fencing considerations
  • health management
  • parasite control
  • castration
  • dispatching & butchering.

Mentoring students are provided with on-farm overnight accommodations in our Bed & Breakfast (2 nights), as well as a complimentary breakfast for both mornings.  Lunch and dinner on the second day are also included. Please contact us for more information.


American Guinea Hog Association (AGHA)

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American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC) (Click Image to Visit their Site)

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