East & West Coast Breeding Stock

Our goal is to provide genetically diverse breeding pairs/trios to those seeking quality AGH breeding stock. We are pleased to have breeding stock originating from both the East and West coast. We have two exceptional boars, Jesse and Broderick, from Oregon who we began breeding in 2014. We cull anything with white and anything that does not meet our high standard for breeding stock.


Jesse in the breeding lot

Jesse in the breeding lot after a good dip in his mud wallow

Jesse is an Oregon-born boar and is a West-coast addition to our breeding program. He comes from Skyfire and Maveric lines.  When excited, he displays an impressive and pronounced “mane” or tufts of long hair on his shoulders.  The tips of his hair do have a hint of red highlight when in direct light. [A solid red coat is from an extremely rare recessive gene that exists in the breed. Although a solid red AGH rarely exhibits, red highlights are more common.]  His snout is slightly sloped and long.  Jesse has excellent confirmation and hams.

Jesse is one of the most easy going guinea hogs we have run across, especially for a boar.  At mealtime he just stands there without uttering a sound and drools profusely!  His offspring have also exhibited this laid back personality.

Jesse’s coat is black, thick, and straight.   He is very friendly and enjoys petting and attention.

View Jesse’s pedigree here.
AGHA Registered No 3363
DOB 07.01.2013



Broderick hanging out with the roosters

Broderick showing off his shoulder shield … he was happy to see me take his picture.

Broderick is an Oregon-born boar and is a West-coast addition to our breeding program.  He is grandson to Monastery Victoria with strong Cascade lines.   Broderick’s confirmation is excellent being broad shouldered with nice hams. He has a classic sloped snout, as compared to a long straight snout.

Broderick is vocal and extremely social, getting along well with all the other boars, sows, and piglets he comes in contact with.

His coat is very thick, wavy, and solid black.  He is a very sweet, gentle hog who loves attention, is friendly, and absolutely adores a good belly rub. He is an easy keeper and maintains his weight without effort.  In the spring and summer he maintains his weight on 100% pasture.


View Broderick’s pedigree here.
AGHA Registered No 3285
DOB 07.01.2013


Noah is a Virginia-born boar and is the newest addition to our breeding program.  He is still under age and we will begin breeding him in 2016.  Noah is grandson to one of the foundation boars, Setty’s MC Little Old Stiff Guy.  He is a long, broad shouldered boar with a straight snout.  Pictures and pedigree are coming soon!


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