Chemical-free Feeding & Farming

Since 2003, we have raised all of our livestock humanely and as nature intended – grazing on rotated pastures in the fresh air and sunshine.  All of our livestock are raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals. Our low-stress handling and production techniques keep them all healthy and happy.  No chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pharmaceuticals are used in the growing of the crops, forage or the grains which comprise a portion of their diet.



Our American Guinea Hogs are born in a pastured setting and live their lives out in the rolling hills of our fields or forest. They are rotated regularly to enable them to graze on fresh grasses and clover.  In the winter months, when forage is dormant, we provide clover and hay baled at our farm and a small ration of milled mixed grains, sugar beet pulp, and alfalfa. They also receive bountiful “left-overs” year-round from our certified organic vegetable fields. All ingredients in our feeding program are locally grown.



Newly planted strawberry patch with no chemicals or weed killer. Just lots of straw, organic matter, and TLC!

Our Java chickens, ducks, and turkeys are free ranged on our fields and follow our American Guinea Hogs in the pasture rotation.  They feast on seeds, bugs, grasses, and anything else that strikes their fancy.  When the chickens are young, they eat a home ground mix of grains and vitamin/mineral mix. Once they are out on pasture, they look for their own dinner and we occasionally supplement them with mixed grains.


Our American Chinchilla rabbits are raised on a pelleted ground alfalfa hay and a vitamin/mineral component. In addition to the rabbit pellets we also feed clover, grass hay, alfalfa.


Our Milking Devon cattle are raised and rotated on our pastures at the main farm and at 80-acres designated for conservation. Free choice vitamins/minerals are always made available to our cattle as well.

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