Serving our Community and Environment

The Old Crowe Farm is run based on principles that we feel best serve our community and environment.

Red clover is one of the cover crop we use to reduce erosion and increase soil health

Red clover is one of the cover crop we use to reduce erosion and increase soil health


Craft all aspects of the farm with the intention of serving as a model of a small sustainable, biodynamic, learning farm.   Keep alive valuable livestock and crop genetics, heritage skills, and knowledge.


Cultivate the farm as a living organism, from a whole-systems perspective. Honor the true value of the natural resources and continually improve biodiversity on the farm. Create dynamic record-keeping practices that enable us to monitor our progress and improve our practices year after year.

Soil = Brown Gold

Treat our soil as the most valued asset. Continually improve the fertility of our soil.


Provide the best lives for our animals and allow them to live as Heavenly Father intended. Allow both plants and animals to express their physiological distinctiveness… “Let our pigs be pigs!” Humanely care for and respect our animals.


Butterflies, bees, and an enormous array of birds can be seen and heard at the Old Crowe Farm


Provide the highest quality goods possible to our customers. Never compromise our values or sacrifice the faith-based lifestyle we lead for any reason.


Be open about our practices and hide nothing from our customers. Hide no corner of our farm and always answer any questions about what we do and why.


Encourage others to seek food closer to home, in our own bioregion. Support our local community on every level from educating our customers and neighbors to stimulating the local economy to volunteering our time.

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