Farm Made, Grown, & Sold

*** Our Farm Store is currently under construction and plans are to open in the Spring of 2017. ***

All of our ‘farm-made’ products are made on the farm and range from goat milk soaps and rugs, to canned fruit and vegetable products.  Our homemade vanilla extract is made with the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, aged for a minimum of 3 years, and is incredibly popular with our “baking” customers.  Old Crowe Farm is home to two stained glass artists who specialize in creating historic stained glass reproductions, as well as designing original commissioned art glass panels for windows, doors, and cabinets. We work with stained glass, architectural glass, bevels and “found objectsā€¯ to create individual and unique pieces of glass art.

Everything grown and raised on the farm can be purchased directly from the farm.  We have a small orchard of pecan trees and whole pecans are sold when in season.  Like the rest of our farm, we use no pesticides or chemicals on anything!

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